University of Limerick Titan Themis Microscope

The inauguration of the FEI Titan Themis TEM in the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick took place on the 21st June 2017. The Titan Themis is a double corrected, monochromated TEM with analytical facilities for energy dispersive X-ray and electron energy-loss spectroscopy measurements capable of <80 pm spatial and <0.1 eV energy resolution.


A recent SFI infrastructure award enabled the addition of in-situ holders for measurements in liquid and gaseous environments, under heating, biasing and cryogenic conditions, together with an ultra-fast and sensitive K2 camera allowing for the behaviour of materials to be studied in real time and environments. This makes the UL Titan one of a kind in Ireland and one of only a handful in the world it will be beneficial for any project requiring nano-structural characterisation of materials, in academia and industry alike.


The ceremony was opened with addresses by dignitaries and representatives from SFI, AMBER and UL, followed by talks from renowned international scientists contributing to an excellent and wide-angled scientific afternoon session. The inauguration was attended by a wide audience with social media presence.

The below video is a time lapse of the installation of the Titan Themis in parallel to that of its Lego counterpart, the latter encompassing a 2 orders of magnitude shorter time span. Instructions of how to build your own Lego Titan can be found here. We are looking forward to exploiting the Titan Themis' enormous application potential in wide international collaboration.