MSI may occasionally advertise opportunities for microscopists of all types on these pages. If you wish to advertise a position, please contact webmaster@microscopy.ie.

At present there is one postdoctoral position being advertised at the University of Limerick, see below.

Postdoctoral Position in Electron Microscopy of Pharmaceutical Crystals.

A 3-year postdoctoral position in TEM is available at the University of Limerick, Ireland. As part of the H2020 award MagnaPharm the aim of this research project is to control polymorphism in pharmaceutical crystal growth via magnetic fields, and to solve crystal structure and morphology of these compounds using electron imaging and diffraction methods as well as to build a matrix of machine conditions for data evaluation on organic crystals.

Work will be carried out using a double corrected, monochromated Titan Themis, equipped with EDS and EELS, K2-IS and Oneview detectors, as well as in-situ holders (DENS lightning double tilt, DENS ocean, DENS atmosphere, Fischione cryo-transfer holder).

Please apply here and use Job ID: "023368". The closing date has been extended to the 31st of August 2017. For further information please contact Prof. Ursel Bangert or Dr. Andy Stewart