MSI Rory Comerford Memorial Lecture Series

Prof. Gail McConnell - 2020

5 pm, 25th October 2019

Coo6, Health Sciences Centre, University College Dublin (UCD)

MSI is delighted to welcome this year's Comerford memorial lecture speaker, Prof. Gail McConnell. Prof. McConnell will be discussing Optical Mesoscopy for Biomedical Imaging: "Go Big or Go Home: Making and Using an Optical Mesoscope for Biomedical Imaging". See the Poster here.

Marty Gregg - 2019

6 pm, 25th October 2018

AD1-045, Analog Devices Building, University of Limerick

MSI was delighted to welcome Prof. Marty Gregg for the 2019 Comerford Memorial Lecture. Prof. Gregg discussed the future directions of nano-electronics research by creating and imaging domain wall circuitry. The presentation was be followed by refreshments and an informal student poster session. The lecture was be hosted by the Bernal Institute in the University of Limerick. More information on the speaker and the night's activities can be downloaded here.

Alex Ball - 2018

2:45 pm, 23rd April 2018

NUI Galway

The 2018 MSI Rory Comerford Memorial Lecture was given by Alex Ball of the Natural History Museum, UK. Alex's talk opened the 42nd MSI Annual Symposium held in the Institute of Technology Sligo under the beautiful back drop of Benbulben. The fascinating lecture featured whale jaw bones, Egyptian ibis statues and mysterious wooden boxes. MSI thanks Alex and attendees for their participation and MSI members in IT Sligo for their organisational effort.

Peter Goodhew - 2017

2 pm, 24th April 2017

NUI Galway

The 2017 MSI Rory Comerford Memorial Lecture was given by Peter Goodhew of the University of Liverpool, UK. The lecture was graciously hosted by NUI Galway. An excellent lecture was followed by a lively discussion on learning and skill development in microscopy. MSI thanks Peter and attendees for their participation and MSI members in NUIG for their organisational effort.