Past Committee Members

The following is a list of some of the past MSI committee members.

  • Immediate Past PresidentUrsel Bangert, Bernal Institute and Department of Physics
  • Past PresidentMr. Alexander Black, Department of Anatomy, NUI Galway.
  • SecretaryDr. Kerry Thompson, Centre for Microscopy and Imaging, NUI Galway.
  • Information OfficerDr. Pierce Maguire, School of Physics, TCD.
  • Education Outreach OfficerDr. Dimitri Scholz, Director of Biological Imaging, Conway Institute, UCD.
  • Committee MemberDr. Peter Owens, Centre for Microscopy and Imaging, NUI Galway.
  • Secretary (2005-2008) ⇒ Dr. Cormac O’Connell, University College Dublin.
  • Committee Member ⇒ Dr. Ian Dobbie, Now at Oxford University.
  • Committee Member ⇒ Dr. Thomas Connolley,
  • Secretary (2003-2005) ⇒ Dr. Michael Ball, NCBES at NUI-Galway, moved to Imperial College London.
  • Treasurer ⇒ Prof. Jim McLaughlin, NIBEC.
  • Public Relations Officer (1998-2001) ⇒ Dr. Catherine McGee.
  • Committee Member ⇒ Prof. Emeritas Jean Folan-Curran, NUI-Galway (retired).
  • Committee Member ⇒ Jim McCrae, Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Public Relations Officer (1995-1997) ⇒ Dr. Heather Anderson, Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Postgraduate representative (2012-2013) ⇒ Ms. Anna Baldycheva, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Committee member Dr. Eoin Gaffney, St James’s Hospital.
  • Committee member Dr. George McKerr, University of Ulster, Coleraine.
  • Committee MemberDr. George Burke, School of Engineering, University of Ulster.
  • Public Relations Officer ⇒ Dr. Donnacha O’Driscoll, Dublin City University.
  • ⇒ Dr. Martin Gregg, Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Committee Member and WebmasterDr. Thomas Flanagan
  • Committee Member and WebmasterDr. Danny Fox
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