Tamsin Harvey's Uganda Trip

The MSI was happy to help Tamsin Harvey's educational trip to Uganda. See below for how microscopes in Ugandan schools were received!

On the 14th March, 2016, 20 transition year students from Villiers School, five of their teachers and four members of the charity Zest4Kidz travelled to Uganda.

This group visited a hospital, an orphanage and several schools where they donated sports equipment. Thanks to the contributions of MSI and its members, one of the students was also able to donate microscopes and microscopy equipment to the schools.

MSI would like to congratulate Tamsin Harvey on her achievement and is very grateful for her hard work. Tamsin coordinated the MSI support and the transport of the equipment all the way to Uganda!

Well done Tamsin!

Below is an extract from Tamsin's report (full version available here) of the trip.

"The teachers were extremely grateful for the microscopes. One teacher danced around the school with it in her arms, another teacher was so touched that he cried. The children were excitedly queuing up and each pupil wanted to touch the microscope and could not get enough of looking through it."